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Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers: St. Louis Trailer Dealer
Enclosed Trailers - St. Louis Trailer Dealer

Buy Premium Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers in St. Louis

Gateway Performance is an authorized dealer of Look Trailers located in St. Louis, Missouri. As an authorized Look Trailer dealer, we serve the trailer business with the goal of providing value driven, custom made, and affordable enclosed trailers to our customers.

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer Dealer in St. Louis

With five regional plants, two in Indiana and one each in Arizona, Utah, and Georgia, Look Trailers has carved a niche in the trailer manufacturing industry, and, as a Look Trailers dealer, Gateway Performance is your one stop shop for an enclosed motorcycle trailer in the St. Louis area. When it comes to your enclosed motorcycle trailer needs, we can supply a wide variety of styles and options. We provide comprehensive service to help you design and select the perfect motorcycle trailer including guidance and help with the customization of your trailer.

Our Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers

We sell a wide range of motorcycle trailers with a huge variety of special features and options available. Our primary types of motorcycle trailer options include:

To learn more about our motorcycle trailers or to see the models and options we have available, call us today at 800-974-3529 to set up an appointment. Our professional sales associates will only be happy to assist you in choosing an enclosed motorcycle trailer that best suits your needs.

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer Options at Gateway Performance

At Gateway Performance, we understand that your motorcycle is your pride. Therefore, it is our goal to make sure you are able to haul your motorcycle without any damage to it. Therefore, each enclosed motorcycle trailer you purchase from us comes with strong E-tracks to keep the wheels of your motorcycle form sliding or moving side to side. Other distinguishing features include tie-downs to efficiently hold the motorcycle in place and prevent it from tipping or getting knocked over during transportation and ramps or tilts for easy loading and unloading of bikes.

With our customizable range of features and options, you can also customize your enclosed trailer to meet your personal requirements. Some of the features that are available with each enclosed motorcycle trailer you find at Gateway Performance include:

  • Standard ramp door for comfortable and secure loading and unloading of motorcycles
  • 6 pieces of E-tracks to prevent sideways motion of the motorcycle
  • 3/8” plywood walls and a sturdy 3/4” plywood floor
  • Robust tube frame construction
  • LED tail lights
  • Bright interior dome light
  • Radius RV side door
St. Louis Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer Dealer

Advantages of Using an Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer

Motorcycle trailers typically come in two versions –open trailer and enclosed trailer models. The choice of trailer you make will depend on several individual factors like usage, budget, and personal preference. However, in the most general sense, an enclosed motorcycle trailer has significant advantages over an open one.

With an enclosed motorcycle trailer, you will be able to protect your motorcycle from the damaging effects of harsh weather as well as secure your motorcycle from theft. Enclosed motorcycle trailers offer better options for locking your motorcycle securely in place. Another benefit is that enclosed motorcycle trailers can be built low enough so that they do not cause significant wind resistance or mileage drop, which means that pulling your trailer is easier.

Contact Us to Custom Design & Order Your Motorcycle Trailer

At Gateway Performance, it is our goal to provide the best enclosed trailers and options from Look Trailers. We can help you design the custom trailer to meet your needs and your budget with special features and options to make hauling your motorcycle easier. To learn more about our enclosed trailers for sale or to design your custom trailer, contact us today!